Located on the Cape Haze peninsula in beautiful Florida, Cape Haze Windward is a master planned and beautifully maintained community of homes that is located east from Cape Haze East as well as southwest from the Rotonda community. This community features a wide variety of different home types, including many different styles of single family homes and patio homes that were built back in the 1990s. There are some single family lots remaining in the area, as well as new garden homes that are continuing to see building through the years, especially along Cape Haze Drive in Windward.

There are several Windward home sites that offer awesome views of the green belts, the golf course, Coral Creek and Amberjack Cove canal. The whole community is under the guidance of a homeowners association to make sure that the entire community experiences a strong and ongoing vitality. From here you can access the Intracoastal Waterway or ICW from two different points, the Coral Creek and Amberjack Cove by way of a single bridge. You can navigate Coral Creek by way of a shallow draft boat, but you need to have a good knowledge of the waterway.

The Cape Haze Windward community is a popular destination for kayaking. It is a part of the “Blue Ways” set of kayaking trails designated by Charlotte County. WIndward is a truly beautiful community in Cape Haze, Florida that is known for providing excellent fishing and boating to its residents. It is closely set against other popular cities in the area including Englewood, Rotonda and Port Charlotte, and it offers a number of choice recreational activities including golf courses and access to some truly stunning beaches as well.

Because Cape Haze is a homeowners association-guided community, it is a truly maintenance free slice of heaven. The community is responsible for providing all of your outdoor maintenance when you buy real estate in the neighborhood. The community is a nice mix of full sized family homes, patio homes and garden homes, and what this means is that there is something for everyone regardless of whether you are looking for a destination to grow your family or a place to settle down for retirement with a loved one.

  • Golf Course Community
  • Close to beaches

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