Extravagant Luxury in Palm Island Estates

The secluded tropical paradise of Palm Island is also known as Don Pedro Island. When you are looking to get away from it all, this is the ideal place to come. Part of a vast chain of barrier islands situated along the Gulf Coast, Palm Island is only accessible by boat or by the daily car ferry. Cars are permitted on the island, but most of the local residents prefer to make their way around this idyllic paradise by golf cart.

The architectural styles represented here range from those with a distinctive tropical island theme to the more classic Key West and Grand Cayman styles. Whatever it is you are looking for you will find plenty of tropical inspired themes to delight you here. The exceptional estates on Palm Island are actually limited in number to ensure the pristine natural beauty of this island is ensured while also respecting the privacy of local residents.

Palm Island is surrounded on all sides by water; the Intracoastal Waterway, Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Consequently, residents can enjoy a beautiful, peaceful island lifestyle with no worries about having to cross a bridge. Unlike many areas along the coast, the community of Palm Island has been able to maintain an unspoiled existence. Palm Island Resort is situated on the northern tip of the island while Palm Island Estates is located along the southern tip of the island. If you are in the market for the epitome of opulence, island style, you will find it in Palm Island Estates. The lush estates here have all been designed with one thing in mind; complete luxury and comfort.

The condos and homes in Palm Island Estates are luxury defined and represent the most extravagant island inspired lifestyle you could imagine. Relaxation and serenity are available and waiting in this tropical paradise. At the same time, it is only a short ten minute ferry ride to reach the mainland, where you can sample a variety of dining, shopping and recreational experiences.

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