Bayou Hammock in Longboat Key

Bayou Hammock is the ideal boater’s paradise located on beautiful Longboat Key. One of the most appealing aspects about this community, besides its waterfront location, is the size of the lots. Many of the lots here are estate sized and offer ample room for spreading out and enjoying secluded living. It has often been said that Longboat Key is somewhat off the beaten track. Local residents might tend to agree, but they also prefer it that way. This community provides you with the opportunity to enjoy well-deserved privacy and seclusion. If you are tired of dealing with the crowds and want to be able to get away from it all in your own little oasis, Bayou Hammock can afford you with the ability to do that.

You will find plenty of housing options available in Bayou Hammock, with an array of single-family homes that represent a variety of architectural designs and styles. No matter what type of home you are looking for, there is a good chance you will find an option available in Bayou Hammock that will suit your needs.

While Bayou Hammock may be nestled in a secluded island setting, do not let that fool you into thinking there is an absence of amenities. There is certainly much to be enjoyed in the local area, including a selection of mouthwatering restaurants and excellent shopping opportunities.

The fishing and boating along with the beaches are some of the most popular draws in this neighborhood. With one visit you will easily discover why so many of the residents absolutely love living here. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast, love sailing or you simply like to relax on the beach, living in Bayou Hammock will give you ample opportunities for pursuing whatever it is that you love the most.

Bayou Hammock Longboat Key Demographics