Project Description


Nancy Schulman has had the advantage of living and buying real estate all over the country. She has lived in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Michigan and, lastly, Florida. Nancy has had the opportunity to learn what the local markets are like in each one of those locations and has come to understand that the secret to working with clients is to spend time getting to know them. The people in each one of those locales are different, but the one thing that remains the same is that they all want the American Dream. As a real estate agent, the job of the agent is to share that slice of Heaven with the client by listening to all of their needs as well as finding out everything that he or she wants to have in a home. Some people want to have a small house, others want a large house, but it is the job of the real estate agent to work with the client and find out how to put them into that part of the American Dream. Nancy has proven herself to be very successful at doing just that as she is able to continually make over a million dollars in sales per month.

Nancy knows how to connect with her customers and it is her ability to connect that makes everything she does turn to gold for her and for her customers. Clients know that with Nancy they will get their needs met and that she will work with them to find the perfect match when it comes to their dream home. Nancy tailors her approach to the needs of the client and keeps them coming back to her each time that they need a real estate agent whether to buy a house or sell one; the client knows that Nancy is the person he or she needs. She has even taken the time to furniture shop with clients that come from out of state and don’t know where to shop in the area. The difference in the approach is her technique. She always brings solutions to the client and really listens to them; she understands what they are looking for and how to help the client be able to get it. When clients work with Nancy they are well taken care of.

Nancy is also very passionate about giving back to the community. She is active in the Humane Society and spends time with her two dogs. Nancy has a Yorkie named Molly and a King Charles Cavalier who is named Charlie. She spends all the time that she can outdoors as well, knowing that a work-life balance is important to her success and that she needs to stay healthy and focused. Nancy enjoys paddle boarding and she also loves to knit when she is looking for a quiet evening at home.

Nancy knows that the difference between her services and the services of another agent all are a part of the way she presents herself and cares for the needs of the customer. She has customized her approach to allow her to identify and connect with the needs of the customer in any situation.