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You will find Lido Key nestled between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Offering both seclusion as well as a wide variety of activities, it is the ideal island getaway. This ten mile stretch of island paradise attracts tourists from around the world. Whether you want to simply relax and unwind or you are looking to surround yourself with luxury, there are plenty of options available. From South Lido Park to Lido Beach to North Lido Beach, you will find that each locale offers something that is a bit distinctive and unique.

The gorgeous white sandy beaches and beautiful blue water are sure to provide just the thing you need to fully relax and enjoy yourself. While there are innumerable activities to enjoy on Lido Key as well as nearby Longboat Key and St. Armand’s Key, the peaceful surroundings may make it difficult to want to do anything other than sit back and relax. If water sports appeal to you, there are four different and enticing bodies of water, including Sarasota Bay, Big Pass, Brushy Bay and of course, the Gulf of Mexico.

Lido Key properties abound on the island, offering plenty of options for persons who are interested in buying a permanent residence or a vacation getaway. Whether you are looking for your own private and secluded villa or a condo that is nestled right along the beach, you will find there are options available to suit every taste.

The one thing you will not find on Lido Key is a lack of things to do. The activities and events here are numerous and situated close by. There is an excellent selection of cultural activities ranging from dance competitions to film festivals to educational exhibits to wine tastings. Come and explore Lido Key today and discover for yourself why so many others are now calling this paradise home.

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