Warm Mineral Springs-Calming and Relaxing Living

Situated convenient to US41, Warm Mineral Springs provides easy access to outstanding boating, fabulous beaches and some of the most exciting amenities in the North Port, Florida area. This community, which is primarily comprised of active seniors, offers a wellness environment that is deal for those who are concerned with maintaining their health and fitness. Historically, the area was once considered to be a sacred site by the local Native Americans. The springs that bubble forth from the earth maintain a continual temperature at 87 degrees and are well known around the world for their soothing and healing properties. Today the commercial bathing spa is specially equipped for catering to those afflicted with arthritis, rheumatism or skin disorders. There are even wheelchair ramps that descend right into the springs for the ultimate in convenience.

The calming atmosphere has beckoned people from around the world to come to Warm Mineral Springs and make their home. You will find a wide range of homes, villas, condos and duplexes from which to choose in the area. The community itself is home a town center that features numerous retail shops, boutiques, galleries and fine dining options. The carefully planned green design is meant to provide complete protection to the native natural area and features a 300 foot buffer zone surrounding the mineral lake. A transit system offers weekly trips as well as beach trips and even drop-offs at the Myakka River for water sports, cruises and boating. Daily access to the Warm Mineral Springs is available to residents and their guests.

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