Looking for a friendly community filled with charm to settle into? Laurel Park in Sarasota Florida is the place to be. There is a great diversity in the type of housing within the area some of which is dated back to the early 1920’s. The neighborhood style that is evident here is a great attraction to many. The amazing homes of Laurel Park offer charm and a friendly atmosphere to all who visit the area. The area is desirable for homeowners of all types including families, retired persons, musicians, realtors, lawyers, artists and many others who enjoy the community feeling it provides.

Laurel Park in Sarasota is within walking distance to a great deal of amenities including a Whole Foods grocery store, Selby Library, Farmers Market, Hollywood 20 theaters and much more in the downtown area as well. If you want nightlife it is not far away and you can find amazing fine dining well within range. The many styles of property such condos, bungalows and single family residential offer something for every style of life and gives many the chance to enjoy a historic vibe while living with the amenities of the modern building. These homes have primarily been restored if they are of age and those that are new fit in very nicely with the feel of the neighborhood

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