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There are many amenities to recommend Sarasota, Florida to individuals who are considering relocating or buying a vacation home in the Sunshine State. The near perfect weather is often at top of the list. With a year around temperature of 74 degrees F., visitors and residents are able to enjoy abundant warm weather and sunshine throughout the year. The cool breezes that drift in from the Gulf provide a refreshing respite from the heat of the summers.

Of course, the water is yet one more reason why many people choose to purchase Sarasota condos and other properties. Sarasota offers waterfront choices for everyone, ranging from miles of canals that are easily boatable to the Inter-coastal waterway to the 35 miles of beautifully pristine beaches. Boating enthusiasts will certainly revel in the ability to enjoy everything from leisure rides to fishing in the Bay and the Gulf. If you enjoy the water, Sarasota is the place to be.

Lifestyle choices are abundant here. Not only will you find stunning luxury homes located in boating communities along the barrier islands, but you will also have a wide selection of other choices as well. You will find that many of the homes are conveniently located on canals that lead directly to the waters of Sarasota Bay. It is little surprise that Sarasota has been named as one of the best places to live in the U.S. This charming city is both special and unique. Even if you are not into boating, there is a variety of housing options are available to suit every taste and budget. From upscale Sarasota condos that are located right on the beach to gated estates to modest single-family homes, it is easy to find your dream home, investment property or vacation home right in Sarasota.

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